Rhodes to Technology Day

Please join us on

Friday, May 25th at 2:00 in the 8th Grade Café

**Check out your 7th and 8th graders amazing Technology Projects

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Welcome to Rhodes Elementary School!!



Dear Parents/Guardians:

**Wednesday, May 23 Career Day

**Thursday, May 24 8th Grade Trip

**Friday, May 25th @2pm in the 8th grade cafe –

Rhodes to Technology Day

Welcome to the Rhodes Elementary School!!!
I am very excited about our upcoming 2017-2018 School Year. As the new principal at E. W. Rhodes School, I am looking forward to working with you and your child to make this year a wonderful and rewarding educational experience.


Breakfast Starts – 8:00 AM (Please do not send students to school before this time).
School Hours: 8:30 AM – 3:09 PM
Students should NOT report to school before 8:00 am.

Any student
entering after 8:45 am will be marked late.

Dismissal is at 3:09 PM
No early dismissal will be granted after 2:45 PM. Dismissal procedures will be
further explained in the Student Handbook which will be provided to you during our Back to School
Night or if you need another copy, please ask at the front desk of the school

Dress Code:
All students must report to school every day in uniform which is in accordance with the
school uniform policy. The school uniform is as follows:
  Gentleman:
Khaki or Navy Blue Pants, and Light or Navy Blue Collar Shirts
  Ladies:
Khaki or Navy Blue Pants, Skirts, Jumpers, and Light or Navy Blue Collar Shirts, navy blue
tights or socks.
 Shorts:
Khaki or Navy Blue shorts that are to the knee in length
can be worn on HOT days only
 Shoes

Sneakers are permitted for both Boys & Girls. Dark color shoes are also permitted.
No open toe and/or open heeled shoes (i.e., sandals, clogs, athletic sandals/slides, flip flops).
  Gym Uniform – Navy Blue
  Suggested Uniform Retailers
Wal-mart, Target, Forman Mills
Contact Information
Please feel free to reach out to me via my email at
asurratt@philasd.org or call the school at 215 400-7060
if you have any urgent concerns.

Andrea Surratt Principal