Our Mission & Founding History

Our Mission

It is our goal here at E.Washington Rhodes Elementary to provide a safe, nurturing, and academically challenging program for all children. We foster a welcoming school environment for our parents/guardians, students, and staff.  It is our duty to educate our students with the appropriate grade level content through meaningful tasks that will result in authentic student learning. Our students will also learn the importance of responsibility, cooperation, and to treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Founding History

E. Washington Rhodes is a staple of the community providing stellar education by dedicated teachers, fostering personal growth, and motivating future scholars to become leaders. We want our scholars to pattern themselves in the image of the leader who this school was created after, Eugene Washington Rhodes.


Eugene Washington Rhodes was a man who worked hard to become a prominent figure of the African American community of Philadelphia. Eugene Washington Rhodes graduated from Lincoln University in 1921. He later received his law degree from Temple. Eugene Washington Rhodes became the editor of the Philadelphia Tribune in 1922, and became the publisher in 1941. Under his leadership and continuous hard work he grew the viewership of the Philadelphia Tribune. In the 1930s he started an editorial campaign to appoint African American judge in Philadelphia.


The Philadelphia Tribute during that period was also instrumental in helping appoint African Americans to influential positions like the board of Education, and City Council. He was the first African American assistant United States district attorney in the Philadelphia area. Eugene Washington Rhodes was also the president of the national bar association from 1933-1935. He also served in the state legislature from 1938 to 1940. These accomplishments by Eugene Washington Rhodes are perfect examples of his great work, and, contributions to the ever developing culture of African Americans in the city of Philadelphia. E Washington Rhodes Elementary was founded in 1971 as the E. Washington Rhodes High School.  At Rhodes we continue our association with the Philadelphia Tribune by providing the current paper to keep not just our staff informed of current events in the city, but students and parents as well. Here at E.Washington Rhodes collectively we strive to enhance our community & to become prominent figures of the city of Philadelphia, and continue the legacy of Eugene Washington Rhodes.