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E. W. Rhodes welcomes all parents to our school. We invite you to become a regular member of our SAC team to share your input and assist our school with fundraising and other activities. We welcome parents as volunteers (clearance required) and believe that parents are vital to assist us with accomplishing our goals for the school year. We thank all of our parents for trusting us with their children.

Parent Feedback


School Pledge

Each day I come to school I will do my best

I will give my all and nothing less

I will work real hard and see things through


Is what a Rhodes kid can do!



Important Phone Numbers To Know
Bully Hotline:
(215) 400-SAFE
To report bullying, violence, harassment, threats and truancy. 24 hours / 7 days a week
Citizen Crime Commission Tipline:
Toll free (877) 345-TIPS
To report crime in our schools or in our communities.
Reporting Child Abuse or Suspected Child Abuse   1-800-932-0313




Last modified: August 28, 2018